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2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma Custom Alpharex Luxx Tail Lights



    • 500 $
      Includes labor and materials
    • 395 $
    • $
      We reuse the stock DRL boards, standard DRL with sequential blinkers
    • $
    • 125 $
    • $
    • 200 $
      Take your build to the next level with fully customizable DRL animation, blinker animation, and color changing abilities!
    • By checking the box you, acknowledge that CW Customs is not responsible for any damage caused by error during or after installation. You also acknowledge that any custom built items are built for you and your needs, and no refunds will be accepted. Finally, you acknowledge that you will have to digitally sign a contact before any custom lighting purchase is made or any work is started by CW Customs LLC


A definite head turner! The new alpharex luxx tail lights are awesome as is, but even better when they. are custom built! Select you options down below and lets build some of the baddest tail lights on the planet!


video of the ghozt setup in action!

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