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2012-2015 Tacoma Headlight Trim Plates



    • $
      TRD will show on both passenger and driver plate
    • $
      This option is for the DIY crowd that want to paint these pieces yourself. These will take a little extra work to get ready for install, but still a simple process!
    • $
    • $
      You will use your own LEDs to backlight the TRD, These use 3 3" LED strips
    • $
    • 55 $
    • 225 $
    • 75 $


a 1 of 1 new product! The TRD Backlit trim plates for 2012-2015+ Tacomas! These are avail in multiple options! This upgrade does not require you to open the Headlights, its a simple 2 screw swap and wiring up the backlit LEDs. They will be available in

Raw plastic (for DIY guys and gals)
And all Colormatch Options

And backlit options will include

Single Color LEDs
and RGBW Flow LEDS

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