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Backlit LED Grille Badge



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      Recommended for RGBW Flow LEDs


The newest product designed and developed in house! The backlit Grille badge available in multiple variations!

Please check the sizing specs before ordering to ensure they fit your grille

Standard Grille Badge- 4.2”x1”x.5”
Mount Hole Length- 2.5”

Ice Caps Badge- 3.6”x1.8”x.6”
Mount Hole Length- 2.2”

Honeycomb Badge- 3”x1.6”x.6”
Mount hole Length- 2″

Heart Badge- 3.5″x2″x.6″
Mount Hole Length- 2.1″

TRD/SR5/T4R/PRO/Limited/Sport Badge- 4″x1.5″x.6″
Mount Hole Length- 3″

Trail Badge- 4.75”x1.5”
Mount hole length-3”

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