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VLEDs Micro Extreme LED Bulbs



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Micro Extreme: The ultimate LED headlight is here! If you’re looking for the brightest headlights available then look no further. With it’s 12 LED chips and high-output driver the Extreme is capable of producing output equal to a 55W HID system. Due to the extreme intensity, we recommend using them in projector housings or high beam applications only. They are NOT recommended for use in open reflector housings.

Choices: The market is flooded with sub-par product and it’s hard to know what to buy. The looming questions, will it fit? Is it bright enough? Is the color going to be right? The Micro Evolution Extreme answers YES to all of the above! It’s really the perfect choice for the person wanting the ultimate in high-performance lighting.

Fitment: The Micro Extreme is the new highest output LED replacement of it’s kind ensuring both a perfect fit as well as superior performance. The bulb can also be indexed for that perfect beam pattern with its clever multi-position collar design.

Efficient: Perfect thermal management is achieved by utilizing both a copper heat pipe inside a 6063 aluminum shell. Heat dissipation is managed using an enclosed waterproof high-speed turbofan.


Output 4500LM actual output (per bulb) 30% increase from Evolution
LED Type 12X Seoul Semiconductor LED Chips
Indexing LED direction is adjustable for optimal output in a variety of housings
Color Temp Available in 5000K or 6000K color temperature
Housing Type Projector or reflector high beam
Efficient Current Draw ~3.0A @ 12V ~2.4A @ 14.4V
Driver 8-32V constant current driver
Voltage 8V minimum operating voltage
Waterproof Driver and connectors level IP68
Lifespan More than 30,000 hrs in 25°C ambient

Not for use in high/low beam DRL applications that operate at less than 8V.

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