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CW Customs LLC requires a mandatory contract signing for each and every custom product. Only after the contract as signed, will an order be accepted.

CW Customs LLC agrees to build and complete the specific set of lighting that was added to cart on the CW Customs website. ( or quoted from any CW Customs sales representative.


Customer agrees to cooperate and to provide CW Customs LLC with the time and resources needed to properly complete the specific item(s) ordered.

CW Customs LLC has the experience and ability to build everything specified in the order and will do it all in a professional and timely matter.

Right to Authorship

Both Parties agree that when asked, the customer must properly identify CW Customs LLC as the creator of the deliverables. Client does not have a proactive duty to display CW Customs LLC’s name together with the product, but Customer may not seek to mislead others that the deliverables were created by anyone other than CW Customs LLC

Customer hereby agrees CW Customs LLC may use the work product as part of CW Customs LLC portfolio and website, galleries and other media solely for the purpose of showcasing CW Customs LLC’s work, but not for any other purpose.

Anti Defamation

The customer agrees that they will not make any defamatory or disparaging comments or remarks, in writing, orally or electronically, about any and all current, former, future, or current, products, services, officers, directors, or builders of CW Customs LLC. CW Customs LLC will not make, and shall instruct its senior executive officers and directors not to make, any defamatory or disparaging comments or remarks in writing, orally or electronically, about a customer.

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